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Parent Testimonials

Morningstar Preschool has had the priviledge of working with some of the most fantastic families over the years. Below is a snap shot of the testimonials they have graciously given to help support Morningstar Preschool!

Nursery and Kindergarten Families

“I hope this will help any parent coming to Hong Kong with small children and urge you to seek out the advice of Morningstar team on what you can expect…..”

“Morningstar is a special, special school. I have not seen this anywhere, not even my home country. The [outdoor blocks] you have are wonderful; they help the children think and work together.”

“The work that the children are doing at Morningstar sometimes surprises me. I’m surprised children can think and work the way they do at school! The reports sent to me by the school make me realize that I need to give my son more credit! I’m glad Morningstar exists for my son but also for me to realize that children can do so much more!”

“Such a caring environment where children look after one another. This is especially great for children who are less ‘outgoing’!”

“I like that Morningstar responds to the child’s and the parents’ readiness to potty-train, regardless of the child’s age. I never thought I would WhatsApp about my child’s bowel movements!”

Parent & Child Families

“The environment is soothing and calm – I don’t get a headache when I leave the class (I did with a previous school)! I enjoyed meeting the families who were there. My child is very active and I found that the class helped her become more calm.”

“I’m glad that Morningstar is not so fixated with the class’s ‘schedule’. If my child is still eating his snack, the teacher lets him eat while the others move on to another activity.”


Mandarin Immersion Program

“I like that my children are learning Mandarin in a relaxed way. Volcabularies and character recognition/writing are taught based on my children’s interests rather than prescribed lesson plans.”

“My child is only four years old. I want him to enjoy his childhood and not be so stressed with the HK system. I’m glad that I found Morningstar where he can learn Mandarin in a nice setting.”


Music Together Programs

“My child sings the ‘Hello’ song everyday! She loves the songs, I love the songs and my husband loves the songs. We all enjoy it very much!”

“My child doesn’t sing and dance in class but she sings and dances so much with her stuffed toys in her room! She likes to pretend that she’s the teacher!”

“The Babies class helped me see that my baby picks up on beat, rhythm, and tone so much earlier than I ever thought possible.”

“In our Babies class, I learned that it doesn’t matter how musical you are—the most important thing is for your baby to see you making and appreciating music.”